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Lee Con Ángel is a supplementary Spanish reading program to give students the opportunity to develop reading skills at their own pace.

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Award Winning

Winner of the Innovative Small Business Award from the Intercontinental Chamber of Commerce. Lee Con Ángel is enjoyed by international users in several Central and South American countries as well as the USA.


Pre-Kindergarten - 1st Grade Classroom Tools

Exciting news!

You can access the following Spanish Reading tests on the ESGI software site when you purchase our program
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Pre-Test, Post-Test, Letter ID Test, Timed Word Test, Concepts of Print Test

All tests in Spanish - easy to administer- click, click, done!! as ESGI says on their website! We are thrilled to offer this opportunity to you so that you can
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Our Program Offers:

All Original Music and Artwork

Kishmorr Productions, LLC wrote the music and collaborated with a local web designer who created all the animation and adorable animals in our program.

5 levels of Story Books

Lee Con Ángel has 22 original stories written in Spanish. They are not translated from English; we use authentic standard Spanish that has a broad appeal while still engaging the reader with our lively fictional characters.

Interactive Games

Lee Con Ángel offers four games for children to engage with phonemic awareness and sound-letter recognition. The balloon pop game challenges users to match the sound to the letter sound they hear Ángel say. The block game matches upper to lower case letters. The puzzle game has laser beams that connect the letter to the animal whose name begins with that sound.

Built in Structure for Learning

Independent learning takes place as children click or tap on the icons at their own pace. Lee con Ángel has the flexibility that allows users to choose which activities, games or stories best meet their needs. Teachers can differentiate for instruction by guiding students to use icons for games, or simply read the stories to develop fluency and comprehension in Spanish. Users no longer have to wait for an activity to finish in order to proceed to the game they want; the chalkboard on each game or story offers a way back to the classroom for more fun.

Motivated Songs and Activities

Children love our activities because they are fun and challenging but teachers know that it is sound educational practices at work. The computer software is so motivational and engaging that it keeps children interested in learning for hours.

Ideal for Reluctant Readers

Lee Con Ángel has seven tests that offer a fresh source for RtI data collecting. No need to peer over their shoulder to monitor their usage; all activities are purposeful and cumulative for optimal learning.

Focused On:

All Spanish concepts of print are embedded in the content of the games, activities, songs or stories of this thorough supplemental Spanish reading program. Our parade song includes 31 animals that represent all the sounds of the Spanish Language.

Developmentally Appropriate Stories

The first two levels of our stories have the syllables of key words that connect together at the beginning of each story. This scaffolding helps develop literacy skills for the emergent readers. Our stories begin at level C/D up to a level J/K of guided reading.

Progress Monitoring

A progress monitoring tool is available for printing from our resource page. We have our tests available for monitoring progress of students.


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